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PPL Wants You to Shop for Better Electric Rates

PPL wants to let everyone know that it’s ok to shop for different electric suppliers without fear of losing their services. This means that if there is a power outage, they will still come to your neighborhood to fix the outage problem, regardless of who supplies your electricity. Changing your electric supplier in no way competes with PPL, or Med-Ed for that matter. PPL and Med-Ed are electricity delivery systems; they don’t generate the electricity themselves like the supply companies do. PPL wants you to know that if you are making more than $0.09 per kilowatt hour, then you need to be shopping around for a better electricity supplier.

There has been speculation to a rough winter ahead, and if that does come to fruition, then higher electric bills are inevitable. Don’t overpay for your electricity. For information on different electric supply companies, visit to get the best rates for you. To find out who supplies your house, look at your electric bill and see the “Generation” charge; it is the largest charge on the bill. Then compare with other companies on the aforementioned website to get your best rate.